Ultramarine Blue

            Originally made from lapis lazuli, Ultramarine Blue was once the most highly prized— not to mention costly— of blues. Now almost invariably found in synthetic form, modern Ultramarine Blue is chemically identical to lapis and differs only in variation of particle size.

             Ultramarine is one of the most steadfast and trusty components of a painter's pallette. Sometimes leaning toward violet, our Ultramarine Blue is a bit more neutral.  Often overpowering when used full-strength, Ultramarine shows its strength as a supreme mixer of savory mid-tones. Although when it comes to unfettered color, a well-made ultramarine blue thins into a vitreous, translucent blue reminiscent of stained-glass.

Lightfastness I; Semi-transparent
Bound in alkali refined linseed oil.

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