Phthalo Blue Red Shade (PB-15:4)

 One of the great pleasures of creating a paint line is the ability to pick and choose pigmentsThe glory, and ensuing terror of Phthalo Blue is difficult to overstate and at one time I was so fed up with the Phthalo pigment family that I swore off completely: too strong, too wild, too one demensional, never again! get off my palette!
        This color was a learning curve.
Not all Phthalo pigments are identicle, and this one taught me patience and restraint. With the color depth and strength of Prussian but the legs and latitude of an organic, Phthalo Blue heralds an intertia of color that will astound and baffle. Unlike yellow shades of Phthalo Blue that seem plastic and irate, glazes, tints, and mixtures with Red Shade Phthalo bring a curiousity of hue to an otherwise pigeon-holed death-zone of non-believable color.
        Use sparingly for maximum satisfaction.

Lightfastness: I ; Semi Transparent
Bound in alkali refined linseed oil.

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